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Pre-Listing Preparation

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Painting & Handyman Services

At GVR, we don't care how much money you have for your project. We will work with you. Homeowners and property managers in Ottawa, Ontario, trust us to deliver the right results. We do everything by the book regarding following local codes and permits.

Our tradesmen at GVR fix up all the little details of your home so you can sell quickly.

Wall Painting

Problems vs. Solutions

It's common for sellers to be anxious about packing, decluttering, and staging when listing their home for sale, and we're happy to provide services that go hand-and-hand with these checklists. We work fast to get the house ready and will work within your budget.

As a real estate agent, you know your clients better than we do. Tell us what home repairs are needed or we can make suggestions for you. Our fixer-uppers typically require:

• Plaster and Dry Wall Repairs
• Painting
• Completing Trim Work

• Finishing Floors
• Changing Light Bulbs
• Repairing Casing and Crown Molding


We are not certificated inspectors. However, we know what these professionals look for when performing inspections. We understand the real estate industry in-depth and provide contractor recommendations to get the home organized for an inspection.

Get Financed

Most banks in the area are more inclined to provide home renovation loans when a tangible and practical checklist is handed over during negotiations. We can provide this checklist for you, which takes approximately one hour to complete. After securing a loan, you can typically work with any contractor you choose. Real estate agents can usually add these fees to their client's bill or ask for upfront payment.

Well-built Bathroom

Repeat Business

We share the common goal of staying in business. The chances are that when you work with us, this won't be a one-time deal. You'll come across many homes in need in of repairs, and we want to save you hassles and headaches down the road. Our consultation fees are low, and prices vary based on a project-by-project basis.